Female Casualties in our Wars



  • WWII; 470 females died, three hundred from illness & disease, 100 from aircraft/vehicle crashes, 6 at Anzio beachhead, 6 nurses on a hospital ship. 88 women were POWs

  • Korea; 16 died in accident, 1,780 served in Korea, None by hostile fire

  • Vietnam; 8 nurses died, about 7,000 served, two from illness, five in aircraft/vehicle, one from hostile fire while sleeping

  • Desert Storm; 16 died, 33,00 deployed to the Gulf, 3 in a Scud attack, 1 from a mine, 1 from a shot down aircraft, one helicopter pilot.

  • USS Cole; 2 female were part of the 17 members killed by terrorist.

  • September 11th; 8 female service members died in the Pentagon.

  • Afghanistan/Pakistan; 3 women

  • Iraq; 8 females, (as of 24 November 2003- Army Times)

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