173d Airborne Brigade

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173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep)

Sky Soldiers Hardcover  (1992)


Photo book with the stories of veterans of the 173d

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173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep)

 Sky Soldiers Hardcover 

(2nd Ed 1998)  

Photo book with the stories of veterans of the 173d

Sky Soldiers 

By F. Clifton Berry, Jr.

(Special Order)

An Illustrated History of the 173d Airborne Brigade



America's Sky Soldiers in

South Vietnam's Central 

by Edward F Murphy

The most complete, in depth, and compelling accounts of combat in South Vietnam from exhaustive interviews with over eighty survivors. Non-Fiction


Battles of Dak-To Vietnam

God is my Point Man

by Lawrence D. Okendo

June 22 - December 1967, the longest and costliest battle in human lives during the Vietnam War, Non-Fiction


Australian diggers, N.Z. Kiwis, and

U.S. paratroopers in Vietnam, 1965-66

The story of the Royal Australian Regiment, 173d Airborne Brigade & 161 Royal New Zealand Artillery, a fast paced unit history

(Special Order)

 Blood on the Risers

Thirty-Five  Months in Vietnam

From Dak To to the Tet Offensive, John Leppelman saw it all. In three tours of duty, he made combat jumps, spent months of fruitless effort looking for the enemy, watched as his buddies died because of lousy leadership and lousy weapons. He saw the war as few others did


A remarkable memoir of small unit leadership and the coming of age of a young soldier in combat in Vietnam. Truly a classic of military history. Col. James McDonough graduated from West Point and served in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader in the legendary 173d Airborne Brigade


The young paratrooper volunteers for duty in the Republic of Vietnam and is initially assigned to the 173d Airborne Brigade. Then, he hears a call for volunteers and joins a new long range patrol unit being formed, with the motto "I Serve," and the charter of taking the war to the enemy.


by Larry Moe  of  E/17 Cavalry

A story about  the Vietnam War

Published by; Welcome Home Press, second edition, soft cover,

135 pages


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The Making of a Soldier

a 173rd Sky Soldier

an account of infantry combat in the Korean War by the war's most decorated soldier. Soon after the war Herbert wrote "Conquest to Nowhere" this book is a more detailed account of his 13 months in Korea. Prior to the war Herbert served as a paratrooper and cold weather survival expert

A Medic in the 173d tells it all!

This is more than a book. It is a time machine which puts the reader directly into the sights and smells, feelings and emotions of that incredible war. This powerful work should be read by everyone too young to remember Vietnam and everybody old enough to think they have forgotten it

The Hill

by Leonard B. Scott a 173d Vet

Ty is the grunt. Point man for his platoon. Jason is the favored one: a football hero picked for officer training school who leads his men into a slaughter ground from which most of them will never return. Ty and Jason -- Oklahoma brothers different in character, yet close in soul -- are about to meet in the Battle of Dak To, upon the blood-drenched sides of Hill 875.

The Last Run

by Leonard B. Scott a 173d Vet

You don't choose your comrades in war--they are assigned to you. In the jungle, there is no past or future, and men from totally different backgrounds forget their differences and struggle to survive and help you survive, in this unforgettable novel of Vietnam.

The Expendables

by Leonard B. Scott a 173d Vet

The most interesting parts here are the often humorous takes on basic training and Scott's description of some of the final conflict--the classic 35-day battle of the Ia Drang in which 304 Americans died--from the Vietcong viewpoint. But finding out which members of Our Gang survive for the truly maudlin conclusion is about the only motivation that will keep


The author manages to weave this Vietnam Ranger's experiences into a suspenseful and entertaining story that even includes humorous episodes. Through Shanahan's eyes you are able to see the wide range of emotions of a Ranger and gain more understanding of Vietnam soldiers.


by Robert Vasquez

Tom Red Hawk, a young Apache from Arizona, returns from Vietnam. A man whose appetite for adventure has been whetted by his experience of war, he sets out on a long journey to find his place in a world that seems to have lost its respect for daring and valor. His odyssey takes him back to the steaming jungles of Vietnam, through the lethal streets of Belfast, the sinister New York underworld, and the explosive Middle East. For Tom, the line between daring and recklessness has become blurred by a taste for adventure, and his recklessness costs him in ways he could never have imagined. Finally, he must call upon all of his native cunning and intelligence in order to find and punish those who brutally murdered his brothers.

Kontum Diary

Captured Writings Bring Peace to a Vietnam Veteran

Twenty years after he fought in Vietnam, ex-Army paratrooper Reed had not come to grips with his experiences there. Then his mother unearthed a box Reed had shipped home from Kontum Province in March 1968. It held a North Vietnamese soldier's backpack, snatched by Reed from a battlefield, that contained the poetry-filled diary of the soldier, Second Lieut. Nguyen van Nghia. When Reed learned that Nghia was still alive, he went to Vietnam to return the diary. Impossible as it may seem to spoil the telling of such a tale, Reed and Schwarz (To Love a Child, 1995, etc.) have done it.

Why A Soldier?

A Signal Corpsman's Tour from

 Vietnam  to the Moscow Hot-Line

Signal Corps officer David Fitz-Enz served two tours in Vietnam. He was a soldier, combat photographer, and platoon leader, fighting America's cruelest war--from the VC-infested rice paddies of the Mekong Delta to the dreaded Ia Drang Valley, where the enemy ruled the night


(about P.T.S.D.)

A must read for Vietnam Vets

and their families.

Although the Vietnam War officially ended in 1975, it still rages in the lives of thousands of veterans and their families. This book not only tells why so many Vietnam veterans suffer from flashbacks, depression, fits of rage, nightmares, emotional numbing, and broken relationships, but it offers solid answers and gives hope. It reveals the way to peace on the subject of post-traumatic stress.

Down Range

To Iraq & Back

by Chuck Dean

  Trauma changes people Down Range is not only a book explaining war trauma - it is required reading for anyone seriously interested about how to make healthy transitions from war to peace.


Earning the CIB


Ed Swauger

Served with B-2-503rd 68-69

Writes of his memories

Book Cover: The Leapin' Deacon: The Soldier's Chaplain by Conrad N. Walker & J. Walker Winslow

The Leapin' Deacon

Chaplain Conrad N, Walker


The story of a chaplain that served and jumped with the 173d Airborne Brigade

If I Make My Bed in Hell


Written by a 173rd Airborne Chaplain about his time in Vietnam 




Land with No Sun




A year in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne by Ted Arthurs

Available 10 May 2006

Men Made for War by J. R. Gathings


written by a Sky Soldier.  J. Royston Gathings was a 1 Lt in the 173d Airborne Brigade from Apr 68 to Jul 69.  He was assigned to the 172nd M.I. Detachment. The book is about a fictional LRRP team assigned to the HERD.


Blood, Tears and IVs

a memoir of a combat medic in

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Elissa M. Lonsdale


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