Leg General in Heaven

One day, an old leg General who wished he was Airborne but never had the guts, dies and makes it to heaven (go figure!).

St. Peter meets him at the pearly gates and informs him that that he's made it into heaven and does the leg General have any questions.

The leg General replies, "I'm glad to be here but there're no paratroopers here in heaven are there?"

St. Peter assured the leg wannbe that " No, there's no paratroopers here, cause they tend to upset the other angels".

The General smiled and walked through the gates. He was pleased with the beautiful quarters he was assigned and marveled at the tree lined streets and serenity of it all.

One morning as he was strolling down the street, he was horrified to see a figure approach him from around the corner. The sun glinted off of mirror-like spit shined boots & the creases of the the pressed BDU's could have been used for surgery. Worse was the maroon beret perched atop the freshly shaven flatop the individual sported.

The leg General ran screaming down the street to the pearly gates where he grabbed St. Peters robe, pointed at the paratrooper & screamed, "I thought you said there are no paratroopers in heaven!"

St. Peter looked, saluted & hollered, " All the Way SIR!" The paratrooper smartly saluted and replied, "And then some!" as he strode away. The leg General was fit to be tied as he accused St. Peter of lying to him.

St. Peter scowled and said, " General, I do not lie." The livid leg General shouted as he pointed at the receding paratrooper, " Then who the hell is that?"

St. Peter looked and replied, " Oh, that's God. He just playing paratrooper."

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