Airborne Bravery

One day, a general of the Army, an Admiral, and an Air Force General are having an argument about whose branch of the military is braver.

So the Admiral yells to a passing Navy Seal, "Sailor, catch that falling anchor!" The Sailor snaps to attention, shouts, "Yes, sir!", runs under the anchor, and is crushed to death trying to catch it. The Admiral turns to the others and says "Gentlemen, that was bravery."

So the Air Force General takes his turn and calls an Air Policeman,  "Airman, catch that landing plane." The Airman snaps to attention and shouts Yes sir!"  shouts "Yes, sir!" and is sucked into the propellers and is sliced to death. The Air Force General turns back to the others and says, "Gentlemen, that took guts."

Finally, The Airborne General yells for his Paratrooper. "Trooper, get into that that airplane, go to 1,200 feet and jump out. "Yes Sir"!! shouts the Paratroopers. But!!!!, the General says, do it without a parachute. The Paratrooper snaps to attention and without hesitation shouts "F*ck you, sir." The Airborne General turns to the others and says, "Gentlemen, now that took guts."

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