Japanese jump wings

Cpt. Smith goes to Japan to liaison for an upcoming training exercise and while there hopes to earn his Japanese jump wings. 
He get's the chance to earn his wings and reports to the ramp for his jump.  Hiyru who's his interpreter explains the Japanese way of jumping, commands, lights, horns, barf bags, etc.  Reaching the issue point Cpt. Smith receives a main and kit bag but no reserve.  Turning to Hiyru he asks what the hells going on and Hiyru explains" Here in Japan we do not need reserve parachute, we just pray to Buddha and he protects us".  Cpt.  Smith is definitely not happy but being the cherry badge grabber he is he decides to go for it.
Bigger than all get out his worst fears are realized on the jump when his main "cigarette rolls" and he gets that Winston feeling (i.e. smoked).  Remembering Hiryu's words he yells "  Buddha, Buddha save me Buddha".  Immediately a giant hand swoops from the clouds and catches Cpt. Smith in its' great palm and begins to gently lower him to the ground. 
Cpt. Smith ever thankful screams "Praise the Lord" whereupon the hand inverts and smashes him into the earth to his final reward. 
Oh well, he did get his Japanese wings.

Submitted by ex-509'r HHC 77-80, Italy, SGT James Green

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