Christmas in Afghanistan

T'was the night before Christmas and all over Afghanistan,
Not a Hadji was stirring, as we watch each and every man.
But the Herd it was ready in mountains and their FOBs,
To meet the Taliban, to fight these sneaky slobs.
Small clusters of Sky Soldiers huddled in groups,
While Gunships circled, waiting to swoop
But still night never wavered as Christmas crept near,
And mountains froze silent as if in stark naked fear.

Sky Soldiers in FOBs partied a bit slow,
Thinking of home in its holiday glow.

But Christmas eve was to be broken with clatter on high,
As a big chopper gained cargo with a twinkling of an eye.
Soon it was airborne on a spiraling flight,
Away from its pad and soon out of site.
The crew in the Chinook was busy as bees,
As they changed from their body armor into red BVD's.
The co-pilot took over control of this big ugly ship,
As pilot donned whiskers and hat also a bag full of tricks.
The plan was simple, bring joy to the troops,
Their cargo from home was for those in tan boots.
The troopers who heard the chopper on high,
Cast casual glances at the clear star-dotted sky.
But all of sudden as if in attack,
The Chinook descended with a whomp and a crack. 

It settled in an area just outside the FOB wall

As troopers came running, came one, came all.
Out hopped the flight crew in red suits and black masks,
Lugging goodies from home and a few bottles in hip flasks.
“These guys must be crazy” a trooper did scream,
As they dove for the goodies, it was a sight to be seen.

Soon, the goodies gathered they rushed back to the FOB,
As the Chinook rose quickly having completed its job.
Down from the chopper came an ear-shattering sound,
“Merry Christmas to all” could be heard all around.