Military Lingo




Head  Latrine  Powder Room
Rack Bunk Single with ruffle and duvet
Chow Hall/Mess Deck Mess Hall / Mess Tent Dining Facility/Cafe'
"Cookie" Mess Cook Contract Chef
Coffee/Mud Cup of Joe Vanilla Latte'
Bug Juice Kool-Aid Shirley Temple
Utilities BDU's Casual Wear
Private/Seaman Private Bobby or Jimmy
Gunny/Chief Sergeant Bob or Jim
Skipper/Captain Colonel Robert or James
Captain's Mast Article 15 Time Out
Barracks/Berthing Barracks Apartment
 U-Trau/Skivvies Underwear Tee Shirt & Panties
Thrown in the Brig Put in Stockade    Grounded
Zoom Bag Flight Suit  Business Casual
Cover Beret Optional
 PX/Ship's Store PX  AAFEs - Shopping Mall
TAD TDY PCS with family
Afloat/Cruise Deploy Huh?
Ground Grabbers Athletic Shoes Flip-Flops
Boondockers Jump Boots Birkenstocks
Low Quarters

Low Quarters

Patent Leather Pumps

SEAL Special Forces Librarian
Hoo-Rah ! Hoo-Ah ! Uh-Oh !
MRE MRE Happy Meal
Grinder Drill Field What?
Ge-Dunk Snack Bar Chucky Cheese'
Midshipman Cadet Debutante 
Hard-Core    Strak Way Too Serious