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       It has come to my attention, that in the past some people have used this message board to attack individuals, the command, the 173d Airborne and the whole US Army in general. If these individuals would take the time to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the MENU page they would see that, "This site is in no away affiliated with the 173d Airborne Brigade in Europe or the the 173d Airborne Brigade Association or the United States Army. It is however just what it says ...dedicated to all Sky Soldiers Past and Present by;  Honoring the past, Supporting the present and Encouraging the future. All are welcome to drop in." Now in plain English this means this is a site ...dedicated to all Sky Soldiers. Writing nasty letters, displaying your hatred for any sky soldier or the unit is NOT WELCOME, take your hatred some place else. The Sky Soldiers need and deserve our support. I alone own and operate this site, a real one man shop. I served with the 173d in Vietnam and did 23 years in the Army. I love the 173d Airborne, the US Army and the United States of America. I see enough hatred for the American Military in the US press. Also do not post any rumors or hear say about things that my scare or worry the troops or their families. Use some common sense or I'll delete your message. The Webmaster!


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